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With a clear understanding of the business requirements, the team moves to the design and planning phase, focusing on designing a solution, identifying the supporting architecture and documenting a functional specification that is translated into a series of clearly identified  milestones. The following table illustrates the tasks and deliverables associated with this phase of the project methodology: 

Propose the functional design

  Create the outline of user interface functions and relationships.
Refine the wireframes   Produce refined wireframes to team satisfaction and to accommodate all business requirements.
Adjust iteratively from team reviews   Schedule time for team reviews and final tweaks.
Write the functional specifications   Create the functional specifications to be used for the builds.
Achieve the functional design architecture   Incorporate scalable architecture, building a system that adapts as process changes and enterprise needs expands.
Collaborate in web-based case management   Leverage the Softwhite production case management tools for project transparency across the team.
Set milestones in statement of work   Produce the final statement of work with clearly defined milestones and deliverables.

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