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Softwhite execution is focused on delivery, review and refinement of the solution. The methodology allows for iterative reviews and continuous improvement of the solution to assure the final form supports the business objectives. The following table illustrates the tasks and deliverables associated with this phase of the methodology:

Build to milestones   Our developers produce to the milestones, working from the wires and functional specifications.
Track targets by the evidence   Progress is measured in real-time and is visible to the team in evidence-based tracking in our case management system.
Engage team reviews in stages   Team reviews of  deliverables as milestones are reached.
Manage change control in case management   The team will be open to change, for example, to track, accept, or reject changes through case management.
Establish support mechanisms   Implement a plan for user support as features come on-line: be prepared; establish deployment protocols.
Train the key constituents   Train key users early in the process to efficiently decentralize system expertise.
Enlist feedback and adapt   Checkpoint what is working and what needs to be adjusted or added. Be open to continuous improvement in the solution.
Technical and User Documentation   Deliver required documentation, both for users and technologists.

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