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During the Quantify phase, we work with the project team, key business owners and technical experts to understand the business requirements in their totality. The following table illustrates the tasks and deliverables associated with this phase of the project methodology.

Tell us where it hurts   What are the pain points?  Where does the current process hit bottlenecks? Who needs what information and when? How does the current information flow? How could it better flow?
Understand the context   We look at the pain points within the big picture. As a team, we explore the process in the enveloping business culture.
Interview key individuals   Details, details, details. We interview end users, subject matter experts, even your client, if need be, to understand the business idiom in its current form.
Gather business requirements   We synthesize the discussions and start to build a formal list of business requirements in a Business Requirements Document (BRD). The BRD becomes the guiding document for functional requirements and includes the requirement in totality, including audit, security and compliance requirements.
Engineer the process   We take a fresh look at the current process and model it where we can, brainstorming possible changes.
Author the workflows   We document the current workflow, alongside the proposed workflow, and discuss and refine it as appropriate.
Create the wireframes   Transform the workflow and business requirements to wireframes, which is a schematic visual for understanding navigation and user interface elements.

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