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Rick White, President

RickRick White serves as the President of Softwhite, Inc., a software services company founded in 1998 to provide best practice workflow automation services to companies looking to achieve improved efficiency in their manual or semi-automated workflow processes. The company founder, Rick is responsible for providing the thought leadership and direction for developing and adapting systems to meet client-specific business requirements.

In the 1980s, Rick became interested in the available technologies for managing data for small businesses and developed a Line of Business (LOB) application for his employer that the company still uses today to manage print services work flow with P&L worksheets. In the process, Rick recognized the need for a methodology that leads to user-friendly, intuitive interfaces while mapping tightly to workflow objectives and incorporating complex string and number handling across large datasets. The resulting Softwhite methodology focuses on application development that balances usability with control points around transactions, efficiency in accessing data in large data sets; complex systems schedule activity and robust work flow alerting mechanisms.

Rick continues to expand his understanding of the critical role of data as it flows through an organization’s business and has honed his technical skills, combining strong business, financial IT consulting, and project management leadership capability with core technology competencies in the C,C++, C#, VB.Net, VBA, JavaScript, and SQL programming languages.

David Campbell, Chief Developer

David Campbell serves as the Chief Developer for Softwhite. He is responsible for choosing, developing, and implementing Softwhite technology initiatives, which include the design and development of systems in the banking and financial services markets. David provides innovative technical strategies and guidance to clients, focusing on each client's unique business goal and leading the Softwhite team to achieve the desired technology results.

David has more than 6 years of professional software engineering, project management, technical interviewing, and technical leadership experience, focusing largely on the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET technologies. His background includes exploration in several programming languages (including Java, C++, Perl, and Lisp), so he is acutely familiar with the right-tool-for-the-job pairing challenge. David graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and keeps his skills current by reading and writing about modern topics in the field of software engineering.

Will Limratana, Chief Developer, RILM Projects

Will Limratana serves as the Chief Developer on the RILM projects for Softwhite and is responsible for the development of database-driven web-based applications in the academic research, museum and legal document handling markets.

Will is highly experienced in developing database web solutions, particularly those that provide financial reporting tools in the prime brokerage space.

Dave Johnson, Network Engineering

Dave Johnson serves as the Networking Engineering Expert for Softwhite and is responsible for providing strategic planning, system design, organizational optimization and P&L management expertise. Dave has extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of technology strategies and policies including experience in infrastructure, security, operations, technologies, networks, problem solving, ecommerce, and web presence, in the banking, brokerage, and retail industries.

At 1-800-Flowers, Dave developed and built the Technical Operations organization, providing leadership and direction to a staff of 39 resources in the areas of Telecommunications, Network Engineering, Database Administration, Technical Support, Data Security, and Service Quality. That organization supported several thousand employees and computers and several hundred servers in multiple data centers.

Dave’s specialty is working with technology teams and applying thought leadership and technical systems analysis to create effective technology solutions for complex business challenges.

James L. Ballard, Jr., Project Manager

James serves as Project Manager for Softwhite, overseeing medium to large system development projects from inception to implementation. He is responsible for assembling a project team and assigning responsibilities to each member, developing detailed project plans and monitoring project results. To ensure that project expectations are developed and met, James also manages vendor and client relations. He ensures adherence to current project management standard processes and compliance to quality assurance policies.

James is a seasoned Financial Services Professional, with more than 20 year’s experience promoting the success of corporate initiatives through project management and product and process redevelopment, as well as servicing division management. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University, and earned Certification in Project Management from Bucks County Community College.

Lloyd Chrein, Web/Interface Designer

Lloyd Chrein serves as the website and application interface designer for Softwhite. With more than 16 years' experience in web design, online marketing and digital and traditional business development, Lloyd brings a unique combination of maturity, creativity, insight and efficiency to each project. Lloyd supervises a team of four experienced web designers to produce high-end, professional website interfaces that are geared to the needs and goals of each client.

Lloyd began his working life as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal and Newsday, and was a founding member of Money Magazine Online, where he won an online journalism award from American University and the Investment Company Institute. He taught web development and writing for the web as an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for three years, and has been the president of, a web agency with more than 120 clients, since 1995.


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