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Softwhite’s QDE project methodology has been honed through countless technology projects and is particularly effective in data-intensive applications where data accuracy is essential. QDE is structured around a total solution, from quantifying objectives in formal Business Requirements Documents (BRDs), managing the process with our client’s teams, designing a solution and building the tools through to training and support of client staff. Post project, Softwhite encourages a formal program management approach with regular structured reviews meant to assure that the tools continue to meet our client’s evolving business needs.

QED Manage

  Tell us where it hurts Propose the functional design   Build to milestones
  Get the context Refine the wireframes   Track targets by the evidence
  Interview key individuals Adjust iteratively from team reviews   Engage team reviews in stages
  Gather requirements Write the functional specifications   Manage change control
  Engineer the process Achieve the functional design   Establish support mechanisms
  Author the workflows Collaborate in case management   Train the key constituents
  Create the wireframes Set the milestones   Enlist feedback and adapt
        Technical and user documentation


The Team

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