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When the time comes to build, Softwhite Engineering assures that the foundation is strong and ready for the add-ons that will come later.  In terms of software, this means scalable, agile, secure, understandable, and maintainable code.  A secure foundaton occurs from a sound architectural framework that creates the abstractions and separations in the code and provides a resilient base from  which developers can code now and modify and adapt later.

N-tiers   Logical system elements (data access tier or DAL, business logic layer or BLL, presenter layer or UI logic, and thin client interface) are physically separated.
Data Access Tier (DAL)   The DAL creates the database abstraction employing object/relational mapping, and allowing the data store to hold the data and enforce relationship integrity.
The Common Objects   Business Objects are defined as simple property classes to be used as common objects across all tiers.
Business Logic Tier (BLL)   The BLL tier defines the functions that make calls into and from the DAL.
Presenter Tier (UI logic)   The Presenter tier talks to the BLL and through inversion of control or dependency injection services the thin client interface. The presenter enlists the BLL to affect or retrieve data and pass datasets for presentation.
The User Interface Tier   The user interface tier provides containers for user interface elements. User actions trigger events which become invocations to the presenter.



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