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Rick White, President

RickRick White serves as the President of Softwhite, Inc., a software services company founded in 1998 to provide best practice workflow automation services to companies looking to achieve improved efficiency in their manual or semi-automated workflow processes. The company founder, Rick is responsible for providing thought leadership and direction for developing and adapting systems to meet client-specific business requirements.

In the 1980s, Rick became interested in the technologies available for managing data for small businesses and developed a Line of Business (LOB) application for his employer that the company still uses today to manage print services work flow with P&L worksheets. In the process, Rick recognized the need for a methodology that leads to user-friendly, intuitive interfaces while mapping tightly to workflow objectives and incorporating complex string and number handling across large datasets. The resulting Softwhite methodology focuses on application development that balances usability with control points around transactions, efficiency in accessing data in large data sets, complex systems schedule activity and robust work flow alerting mechanisms.

Rick continues to expand his understanding of the critical role of data as it flows through an organization’s business and has honed his technical skills, combining strong business, financial IT consulting, and project management leadership capability with core technology competencies in the C,C++, C#, VB.Net, VBA, JavaScript, and SQL programming languages.

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  1. About Softwhite

Softwhite is a full-service software development company specializing in custom business applications for the Microsoft platform.  Service means business analysis, business requirements, production of functional specifications, project management, software construction, unit testing, product deployment, and user training and support.  Our team will be part of the process from beginning to end.  Softwhite seeks to foster long-term relationships with all of our clients. 

Additional services include email and web hosting in our managed data center and disaster recovery services with off-site system redundancy and file storage.


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