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At the heart of Softwhite's business is finding the elegant solution to our client's complex challenges. Our process translates a client's workflow with its current bottlenecks and complex data requirements into a streamlined, automated, secure solution. Elegance means it looks and feels easy and intuitive to the business, yet captures the data intensive and compliance requirements to satisfy the strictest environments.

Some of the solutions we engineer:

  • Transfer Agency functions: proxy, payments, tracking
  • Trading platform tools
  • Accounting, reconciliation, roll-ups and aggregation
  • Document processing: versioning and sharing
  • Transaction processing: batch workflow and auditing of complex financial outcomes
  • Production workflows from the warehouse to the factory floor in end-to-end supply chains
  • Procurement: bid, purchase order, and vendor management
  • Academic publishing content management for editor work groups
  • List management and statistical databases


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