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Softwhite offers disaster recovery and off-site backup services and products. We host data warehousing solutions in our own secure data center as well as through our Cloudshelf service for the ultimate in secure storage. Clients can VPN directly from their environment to ours. Our staff will directly support any recovery scenario necessary.


Cloudshelf is the Softwhite cloud storage and disaster recovery mechanism, provided as a white-glove service designed to mirror your important files to a highly scalable, durable and available cloud storage location. Meet compliance and disaster recovery mandates, but more importantly get your files when you need them. We can connect directly from your data center servers and synchronize your file set to the cloud environment. Your entire directory tree is mirrored in the cloud on whatever frequency scale meets your restore point dimension.

In the event of an emergency, recovering your file set to a new server can be accomplished from a web console or via shipped media. Even a single file can be retrieved through the web console in seconds. Access to your web portal is secured using 2-phase authentication and can be accessed from any web connected computer or from the defined subnet of your choice. Softwhite will manage the entire process and monitor your synchronizations continuously.

This service will scale to enormous data sets and is very cost effective for large volumes. Please contact us to investigate your needs and determine pricing. If your requirements exceed simple mirroring and likely recovery scenarios, we can design a plan that meets your needs including file versioning and customized interfaces. This platform can support web site storage, for example, that in addition to requiring large amounts of disk space also requires high performance I/O and geographically diverse and fast download capability.

Softwhite also offers tools for integrating cloud storage solutions like Azure Storage and Amazon S3 into your existing applications or we can engineer new solutions that meet your business requirements.



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