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iBis is an Internet Bibliographic Indexing System, a Windows database application with a web interface designed for academic abstractors. A robust productivity tool, iBis is designed to make adding, updating, retrieving, and processing bibliographic information a fast and uncomplicated user experience.

Access iBis

With iBis, editors record, edit, retrieve, and search for bibliographic records (accessions), abstracts, and hierarchical indexing, from any web browser. Editors-at-large around the world have real-time access to the same database via this web interface.

Key features include:

  • Login/Security: user list.
  • Customizable group permission definitions.
  • Accession Entry and Maintenance: variable field list for multiple document types; full Unicode support; edit and record completion flags. Mechanism to cache edit sections for repetitive entry. Ability to copy like accessions and change only what is different (useful for accessing a list of articles in a journal).
  • Accessions of all media types: traditional printed, video, electronic, recorded.
  • Organization by year but felicitous movement between years fully supported.
  • Indexing: keyword indexing up to 10 levels deep with keyword verification and enforcement of top level terms for second level terms. Indexed by volume year with support for referencing accessions in previous years.
  • Formatted Text Output: electronic output for multiple resale vendor formats.
  • XML Output: XML output suitable for various desktop publishing formats.
  • Formatted Text Import: bulk import text versions of full accession records and indexes.
  • Web Form Submission: record submission plug-in for simplified record submission by external editors or abstractors not familiar with or without access to the main iBis interface.
  • iBis Web Service: optional web services for submission and retrieval.
  • Search Utilities: return record blocks with a broad choice of search criteria. Drill down from the result set to individual accessions for editing. Traverse a block of accessions with "next"/"previous" buttons.


System Specifications

iBis’s data store is Microsoft SQLServer 2008. Its web pages are ASP and ASPX with Perl, C#, and Java Script. The web server is an IIS server running on Windows Server 2008.

Please contact us to inquire about pricing.

iBis ©Softwhite Inc and RILM 2001-2011

The project is a joint effort of Softwhite Inc and Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale, Inc (RILM) whose staff played an instrumental role during the design and implementation process.


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